What’s New with VRAFY!

VRAFY, your trusted partner in precision agriculture, has been serving growers and dealers for over a year. As we continue to evolve, we are committed to enhancing value and empowering our growers. In this exciting update, we are thrilled to announce changes that will benefit you!

What’s New?

  • Price Drop: We are excited to announce a $1 reduction in VRAFY Complete pricing. Now, it’s only $4 per acre!
  • Soil Data Integration: We recognize the immense value of soil information. Starting immediately, VRAFY Basic now includes soil data capabilities.


1. VRAFY Basic: Visualize Your Data

What’s Included?

  • Upload Existing Soil Sampling Data: Seamlessly import your historical soil data.
  • View Soil Sample Data in the Operations Center: Visualize soil test results and spot trends.
  • Build Soil Sampling Plans: Create targeted sampling strategies.
  • Collect Your Own Soil Samples: Take control of your field sampling if you prefer to do it.
  • Satellite Imagery: VRAFY Basic still offers satellite imagery within the Operations Center.
    • Scout from Imagery: Identify issues and make informed decisions.
    • Create Prescriptions: Generate prescriptions from imagery for seeding, fungicide, or fertilizer.
  • Crop Removal Fertilizer Prescriptions: Automatically generate variable rate fertilizer recommendations from yield maps.
  • Affordable Pricing: VRAFY Basic remains at just $1 per acre.


2. VRAFY Plus: Empowering Growers

What’s Included?

  • Run Your Own Prescriptions: With VRAFY Plus, you are in the driver’s seat.
  • Formula Flexibility: Choose from a growing library of formulas (over 100 available).
  • Customize and Adjust: Fine-tune prescriptions to match your unique needs.
  • Visualize Prescriptions: See your prescriptions in the Operations Center before you send them to the field.
  • Soil Point to Yield Analysis: At season’s end, assess how soil test results correlate with actual yields.
  • Affordable Pricing: VRAFY Plus remains at just $2 per acre.


3. VRAFY Complete: Unleashing Agronomic Expertise

What’s Included?

  • Expert Guidance: Our agronomists are here to assist you:
  • Custom Prescription Support: We have you covered whether you need custom prescriptions or apply unique fertilizer blends.
  • Full Nutrient Management: Leverage our expertise for a comprehensive plan.
  • Management Zone Creation: We collaborate with you to develop soil sampling, seeding, and fertility management zones.


At VRAFY, we are committed to your success. These updates reflect our dedication to providing exceptional value. Join us as we empower growers, enhance services, and cultivate stronger partnerships.