Transferring Your Farm’s Data into Ops Center

How do I move my farm’s data from Climate FieldView or another software company into John Deere Operations Center?

If you’re already using a farm data system that sends data to the cloud, can we just use that same data? Yes! Part of the reason VRAFY decided to use the Operations Center as our customer facing software is because it’s easy to use and easier to bring data in from any farm.

VRAFY has a team of data experts ready to help you create the software connections to easily move your data from your existing software into the Operations Center. We can also help to make sure that any prescriptions made with VRAFY can be ready for you to use, no matter what display it’s going into.

What does a Software Connection Do? A Data connection is an easy route to move data from one software to another. For instance, there is a connection for data retrieval from Climate FieldView. This connection then looks at your FieldView account every night, and if there has been new data added, it will then pull that data to Operations Center. This helps simplify your farm’s data management labor.

If you’re interested in getting started with VRAFY, we can help you get set up with your FREE John Deere Operations Center account.