How Valuable is Your Planting Data?

Have you uploaded your planter data yet?

You may have heard that the planting pass is the most important of the year, but have you considered how important the data from the planting pass has become as well? Now that many of you have put away the planter for the year, it is time to start looking at your planting data.

The first thing we need to do is get the planting data off the monitor. There is not much value to storing it on a monitor, on a bookshelf, or in a tractor. Luckily, many monitors automatically upload to cloud-based software platforms. If yours does not, export the data off the monitor and import it to the John Deere Operations Center or FieldView. If you are a VRAFY Plus or Complete customer, you can contact us, and we will help you use our simple file uploading tool, and we can take care of loading it for you.

Now that it has been uploaded, we need to look at it and make sure it is correct. Did you remember to change the varieties? Now would be the time to make any changes to varieties while they are still fresh in your mind. Also, check if the field names are correct. It is easy to correct both within the John Deere Operations Center.

Once you are done cleaning, it becomes easy to find ways to use it. For example, as you are out walking your fields, you can leverage the John Deere Operations Center Mobile App to bring up the planting maps to observe how varieties and seed treatments are affecting emergence. You could also bring up the planting speed map to compare the emergence and spacing at different planting speeds.

Having clean planting data will make yield analysis much easier at the end of the year. Comparing yield to variety, planting speed, population, and planting date all require accurate data entry.

If you are a VRAFY customer and need help uploading your planting data or using the John Deere Operations Center mobile app, please contact us.