Adding Agronomy to Operations Center using VRAFY

In 2015 John Deere released its web-based data management platform called Operations Center. Since then, it has seen many software updates and has become one of the most popular and user-friendly data management tools available to a producer.

A farmer can use John Deere Operations Center to actively monitor their equipment fleet, plan work in the fields, analyze yield, report acres, create guidance lines and much more. Seemingly, the only digital hole in Operations Center is the lack of agronomic data.

With VRAFY, a customer can view their soil nutrient levels mapped on each field to help understand more of the variability. Whether a field’s pH needs to be balanced or soil phosphorus levels need to be built, there is now a lens that empowers producers to make better agronomic decisions.

At VRAFY, we’ve worked with farmers across the United States, and we’ve concluded that simply viewing soil nutrient layers in Operations Center isn’t enough. We now offer the ability to create a Variable Rate prescription using agronomic formulas that are populated in each customer’s account and tailored to their region. To learn more about this exciting new feature, contact a VRAFY representative at (507) 800-0898 or click here to schedule a call.